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Tips before travelling

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Things you should know about our transportation

Peru, the enigmatic country, when you first come here is a marvelous adventure! You should not only taste our emblematic Pisco Sour but also our delicious gastronomy, recognized worldwide. You should have a great introduction in Lima and know our culture since the moment you arrive so you have a better understanding which is vast with archaeological sites that shows the remains of glorious civilizations of the past, a couple of examples is close to Lima: Pachacamc a Sacred Oracle and the oldest civilization in Americas: Caral.

But before coming here you should know a thing or two, and in this case about transportation. Well, let’s start with the buses! But these buses are special because they are colorful and have a lot of variety; this is because they are run by many private companies and not the city hall. That’s why you can observe big ones, small ones and every company with their own set of colors. They also have their own system which is pretty simple: they have a driver and a ticket inspector who you have to pay the ride, which is normally S/. 1.00 the ride (S/. 1.50 if you have to go a little bit far). Nice uh? Well, when you first come here it is not recommendable to go on these buses because of a tiny detail, they tend to go really fast and if you are not used to the speed you may not have a great experience, also it takes longer than a taxi because of the bus stops along the way and gets crowded very often. Now, a positive thing I have to say about it, is that if you can manage somehow you can manage anywhere in the world. So if you like adventure and don’t want to spend too much on transportation this is your option, but if you want to see more read below.

Transport in Lima

Next are taxis! This is the kind of transportation that you might experience first due to the fact that a private company operates in the airport (although a little more pricey than the average taxis in Lima, (don’t worry we will get there) they are safe and very comfortable. The main thing you should know about local taxis in Peru is the fact that they don’t have taximeters. That’s right; you have to negotiate with the driver before you get in! And that means knowing the fare rate without paying too much. Let’s start with an easy example: from the airport to Miraflores (long-distance) is going to cost you around S/. 35.00 if you take it in the streets. Another example: from Miraflores to Barranco (a beautiful trendy neighborhood) is S/. 8.00-S/. 9.00 and from Miraflores to Downtown Lima: S/. 15.00. The change of rate varies every day but generally is for $1.00 USD dollar = S/3.30 soles.   Those prices might change because of two facts:

  1. If you take it from a hotel/call a private taxi company
  2. If you take taxis past midnight.

Now, I know many drivers that will tell you to pay a little more, don’t worry, if they say so you just tell them: “No, gracias” and move on. Yes, they charge you more because taxis are rare at that time of night. So, in a nutshell, they are fast, safe, comfortable and most taxi drivers know the route so you won’t have any problems.


And finally, the big innovation is the Metropolitano or metropolitan bus rapid transit. Now, this system started in 2010 and since then it has been the favorite among locals. The reason: its fast. The Metropolitano has its own private line, which means no traffic. You pay it with a card and they cost S/. 2.50 per ride. Personally, the best thing about it is the fact that they are powered by natural gas so, no pollution my traveler friends, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Hoping these tips were useful for you if so let me know in the comments. Hasta la próxima!

tips for travelers

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Cordano bar

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Hey guys, long time no see! Last time I wrote I told you some advice about transportation. This time we change the subject and we go deep in the marvelous history of Lima’s belle époque.

One of many treasures you can find here in the city is the traditional Cordano Bar in Lima’s Historical Center. Just next to the Presidential Palace, in this place have passed congressmen, mayors, singers, intellectuals, writers, presidents and even Che Guevara himself just to taste a Pisco Sour or the delicious pork sandwich, a true classic in this bar.


Founded in 1905 by Vigilio Botano and the Genovese brothers Luis and Antonio Cordano. Strategically located in front of the Train Station Palace for the tired passengers looking for a place to kill their thirst and for a time it was. In 1978 the descendants decided to move back to Italy and left the restaurant to the 21 waiters working at the time, making it an association and the only restaurant in Peru where the workers owned a place. Nowadays only 8 of those 21 waiters remain but the place is still full of memories, pictures and conversations of a time when Lima lived a simpler time.

I hope you enjoyed this short entrance, until the next time. See you around.