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Cordano bar

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Hey guys, long time no see! Last time I wrote I told you some advice about transportation. This time we change the subject and we go deep in the marvelous history of Lima’s belle époque.

One of many treasures you can find here in the city is the traditional Cordano Bar in Lima’s Historical Center. Just next to the Presidential Palace, in this place have passed congressmen, mayors, singers, intellectuals, writers, presidents and even Che Guevara himself just to taste a Pisco Sour or the delicious pork sandwich, a true classic in this bar.


Founded in 1905 by Vigilio Botano and the Genovese brothers Luis and Antonio Cordano. Strategically located in front of the Train Station Palace for the tired passengers looking for a place to kill their thirst and for a time it was. In 1978 the descendants decided to move back to Italy and left the restaurant to the 21 waiters working at the time, making it an association and the only restaurant in Peru where the workers owned a place. Nowadays only 8 of those 21 waiters remain but the place is still full of memories, pictures and conversations of a time when Lima lived a simpler time.

I hope you enjoyed this short entrance, until the next time. See you around.

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Pueblo Jaqaru: indigenous people in Lima

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They speak the oldest language in our country.

Peru stands out for its great cultural and natural diversity with artistic and cultural expressions, traditional knowledge, native languages, gastronomy, music, archaeological sites, among others. However, the key element of this unique landscape is its indigenous peoples. They are the protectors of Mother Earth, who through their ancestral knowledge about the biological rhythms of nature and wisdom, teach a more sustainable worldview.


Located five hours from Lima, capital of Peru, to the south of the province of Yauyos. The origins of the Jaqaru people are associated with the expansion of the Wari culture between the years 600 and 700 (Bautista 2010).

El pueblo Jaqaru of Aiza, Tupe and Colca keep a secret little known by the great majority of peruvians, they has an ancient language that is spoken only here, as if that were not enough the jaqaru women wear a very different beautiful traditional suit.


The jaqaru language is in serious danger of disappearing. —  Peruvian Minister of Culture

The Québec Declaration (2002) on ecotourism, points out that it has enormous potential for poverty reduction for indigenous communities and environmental protection. In that sense, Lima Explorer Tours is interested in offering sustainable visits to the Jaqaru communities in order to provide an alternative in their economy and a ecocultural touristic visit to learn and live amazing experiences.

Join us for a wonderfull experience at Lima!


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